Kaloyan Kaloyanov

About (old)

Who am I? Read on to find out.


Hello, my name is Kaloyan or Kal for short. I am a User Experience designer

specializing in both UX and UI for web and mobile products. 


I have an international background which has continuously motivated me and shaped me as a person.

Originally from Bulgaria, I immigrated to the United States at a young age. The differences in culture and lifestyle I experienced left a lasting impression on me that later inspired me to pursue a degree in International/Global Studies. In 2013 I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Since then, I have worked in the fields of international freight forwarding and international regulatory compliance. 

My experience working for both an international Fortune 400 organization as well as a mid-sized organization led me to research the tech industry further as I realized how much potential there was for positive change through digital products. Initially, I began by learning front-end web development, as I learned more about the industry I discovered UX Design which I instantly knew was for me. Largely because it fit my personality type very well and required professional skills I had developed already such as working within a team as well as with multiple other internal teams, managing projects, and working with strict deadlines.  

Although I am relatively fresh to the field I have discovered that I have a passion for creating user centered designs. I find the process of researching and designing products with the end user in mind to be very rewarding. Knowing that I have made someone’s day just a bit better with my design is a feeling I thoroughly enjoy.