Kaloyan Kaloyanov

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Hello, my name is Kal. I am a User Experience Designer with a background in international business.

I am passionate about helping others by designing practical and elegant products.



An app designed with book lovers in mind. The app allows users to easily discover new books, manage their books, see what their friends are reading, and even share copies of their paperback books with friends.


Twitch Multiview

Twitch.tv is a social gaming platform for live gaming and creative streams. During this project I explored how to incorporate a new feature into the experience that allowed for two streams to be viewed simultaneously.


Pan Am

During this project I conducted research into the commercial aviation industry and created a responsive airline website that allowed customers to book flights and check-in for them quickly and efficiently.



Mirror is a clothing store that wanted to move their presence into the digital sphere. In turn, I designed a responsive website for the brand by doing extensive research into their customer base and the industry.


I am currently seeking new opportunities.